We love authentic music across multiple genres.

The title above pretty much sums up the motivation for the creation of this site. We're all about real music made by real artists that are skilled at their craft.

We're currently in beta (almost alpha) testing mode. Essentially that means that things will change frequently and may break... often. Right now we're testing out a variety of features as well as design ideas and your feedback on all of those will help us greatly with this process. If something appears to be broken, please let us know. If you love a feature or design element, please let us know. If you hate a feature or design element, please let us know. If you have ideas for features or design elements, please let us know. (Contact link below...)

The site is pretty light on content right now, but all of the previous articles will be readded shortly. We have a ton of new features on the way and hope you stick with us through the beta phase. Thanks for testing.

-Talib & Terrance

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